How to get the most out of a webinar?

This fact sheet helps you get the most out of Laravel Certification’s webinars by providing instructions to help you participate successfully.

Step 1: Review the webinar ground rules

To help ensure everyone has the opportunity to gain the most from the live webinar, we ask that all participants consider the following ground rules:

Step 2: Check your computer or mobile device meets the minimum standards

Internet connection

A high speed internet connection is mandatory. It is important to note that if your internet's bandwidth is insufficient, the webinar's audio and picture quality will be compromised. As there will be other participants, the webinar cannot be stopped should you need to fix your setup. Please ensure that you have prepared as completely as possible.


To join the webinar your computer will need to have a modern web browser installed, there are no other software requirements.


You will need a microphone in order to ask questions. A webcam is not necessary.

Step 4: 10 minutes before the webinar starts

The webinar cannot be stopped to wait for technical problems to be solved as there are many participants. Please make sure that your computer and internet are ready before beginning.

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