Laracon EU Online: A week for Laravel developers in January 18th-22nd

— DIVE DEEP INTO THE — Laravel Service Container

Webinar by Bobby Bouwmann

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The Laravel service container lies at the heart of the Laravel framework and software developed with it. It provides access to important framework and library features as well as reduces clutter and complexity. Due to its importance, mastering the service container is critical to obtaining your Laravel Certification.

In this 2 hour webinar you’ll learn everything about the Laravel service container

Dependency Injection

Learn the subtle ins and outs of how the service container recursively constructs objects.

Component Bootstrapping

Learn to deploy and bootstrap components by configuring the service container.

Contextual Resolution

Simplify your code by resolving objects based on contextual configuration.


The power of the service container is leveraged to create Laravel's facades. Learn the magic behind the scenes that powers this popular feature.


Enrich your injected objects by using service container extensions.


Mastering the service container will improve the quality of your in-house and distributed packages.

“We have learned new approaches and ways of using Laravel in a better way. I believe that some of these will help us to further optimize our work, by properly/smartly utilizing the built-in features. This will allow us to deliver the same or better quality software in less time.” Lyubomir Gardev – Principal Software Developer

About Bobby Bouwmann

Bobby Bouwmann is a top Laracasts contributor and an expert on the Laravel Framework. He is an experience workshop instructor and has spoken at dozens of international meetups and conferences including many presentations at the official Laracon and Laracon EU conferences. As one of the most active and respected members of the Laravel community he is uniquely qualified to guide you through the inner depths of Laravel's features and application development with Laravel.

You’ll leave the webinar with a comprehensive knowledge of the Laravel service container which you can use on your applications and to help you to meet your goal of becoming a Certified Laravel Developer.

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Course Outline

  1. Basic explanation of dependency injection
    • Example with injecting a class in the controller
    • Example with injection a class that has dependencies in a controller
    • Mention reflection API and service container
    • Example will be a very simple controller that injects a repository
  2. Basic explanation of the service container
    • What is the service container?
    • What does the service container?
    • How to retrieve a class from the service provider
  3. Basic explanation of component bootstrapping
    • Using a service provider to register a class with arguments in the container
    • Using a service provider to register a class with multiple arguments and sub dependencies
    • Using a service provider to register a class using config files or hardcoded values
  4. Facades
    • Create a facade for the created classes from before
    • Register the facade using string or class based approach
    • Using the facade instead of dependency injection
  5. Diving deeper
    • Go over some specific code of the application container class
    • Explain Reflection API
  6. Extending
    • Use contextual binding for one of the created services classes
    • Example by using a controller that received an interface with multiple implementations
    • Extend one of the implementations by using app()->extend()
  7. Packages
    • A package is nothing more than a service provider that provides a certain service (classes)
    • Move our created classes out of the code base and into a package structure with it’s own service provider
    • Register the service provider
    • Extend the package by using the container again

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